It’s not skin care honey, it’s a ritual. 

In 2017 on a farm in country Victoria, a jar of Australian raw organic honey sparked the beginning of a game changing natural face mask.

Since then, Srsly Honey has grown to become much more than a natural skin care remedy.

Launching with it's debut masking collection, the Original Glow, it has become a trusted brand for providing women with their own confidence boosting formula; healthy, glowing skin and a calmer mind.
In a society where it’s cool to be busy, we rarely prioritise the time to recharge, so Founder, Chloe McCormack, began making it a staple part of her skin care routine, and now she hopes to make it part of yours.

With it's sassy tone, Srsly Honey is your no bullsh** friend, encouraging you to always prioritise looking after the most important thing - YOU. 

So don't be offended, but Srsly Honey, you could do with a face mask.

How it all started

One Friday night, Chloe packed her bags and went away for a tranquil weekend at her partner's family farm in Victoria.
However, not all went to plan, after yet another stressful work week in her fast paced advertising job, her skin was breaking out badly. 
She rummaged through her overnight bag only to realise that in her haste to pack, she had forgotten all of her skincare products and had nothing to wash her face with. 
Feeling self conscious about the acne appearing on her face and reluctant to put just anything on her skin, she began to research natural alternatives that might be effective in calming her unruly blemishes.
 In the cupboard of the farmhouse she discovered a jar of local raw organic honey. After learning of it's natural skin healing benefits, Chloe washed her face with the delicious, sticky golden liquid for 3 days straight and applied it as a mask each evening.
Magically, her acne breakout cleared up significantly, and she was blessed with silky, smooth skin and a radiant glow. 
Something was still missing though, she figured that with just a few tweaks of the right natural ingredients, she could create a product that not only tamed her blemishes, but catered to long term maintenance of her skin. 
Chloe didn't want a 5 step skin care routine, because who has time for that!? So what better motivation than to create a product that was just right for her busy lifestyle. As a result, she tried and tested her own formula of the most high quality, natural ingredients.
One sunny afternoon, Chloe stumbled across a combination, test after test, the formula had perfect synergy with her skin. This magic in a jar became her go to for tackling her most frustrating skin problems.
Chloe's face felt soft and silky like she'd stepped out of a day spa. Each time she applied the mask she woke up the next day with much clearer, brighter skin. 

Thus, Srsly Honey was born. Chloe decided she had to share her natural glow formula with the world in hope of helping hard working career women and multi tasking mums treat their most frustrating skin issues with minimal fuss.