Sarah wears the OG 

My ingredients are all natural, highly effective and deeply nourishing. My hand crafted, made to order formula is designed to simplify your skincare routine so that you can treat a number of skinsecurities with just one product. 


Raw Organic Honey:

-Anti-inflammatory properties help soothe redness and uneven skin tones

-Rich in vitamins and antioxidants to give you the ultimate glow

-Anti bacterial properties that protect your skin from breakouts

-Naturally absorbs excess oil so you’re just the right amount of dewy

-Acts as a moisturizer and keeps your skin hydrated

-Possesses powerful enzymes that your pores will love

-Helps to decrease the appearance of scars over time

Not convinced? Check out the benefits of my other desirable features:


Bentonite Clay:

-Draws toxins out of the skin like a magnet, removing dirt and excess oil

-Unclogs and shrinks blocked pores

-Helps to control the overproduction of sebum which causes oily skin and breakouts

-Pulls hydrogen from cells to contribute to the appearance of a more even skin tone

-Packed with silica to make your skin super soft

-Removes dead skin cells for a deeper nourishment of the skin

-Reduces inflammation, redness and the appearance of scars


Rose Water:

-Deeply soothing to sensitive and inflamed skin

-Rich in antioxidants

-Removes excess oil, dirt and tones the skin


Sweet Almond Oil:

-Known for its antioxidant properties, sweet almond oil is believed to assist in protecting skin against UV radiation damage and keeping skin soft and supple.

-It's high Vitamin E content assists in protecting the skin, treating acne and reducing inflammation by preventing damage caused by free radicals. 

-A natural moisturiser that hydrates the skin without blocking pores.

-Excellent in helping to prevent the visible signs of ageing by replenishing skin cells. It benefits skin complexion and tone.


-Anti-microbial properties tackle blemishes from the get go

-Plumps and enhances the complexion

-Alleviates fine lines and enriches the skin with its ability to draw oxygen and blood to the outer surface

-A natural exfoliant 


Vitamin E oil:

-Natural anti-oxidant 

-Neutralizes free radicals to help prevent the signs of ageing

-Can assist in keeping skin hydrated and protected, whilst also fighting inflammation.

-May assist with the appearance of minor acne scars


Grapefruit Seed Extract:

-Rich in essential oils and anti-oxidants

-Contains powerful anti-microbial properties to fight bacteria

-Anti-inflammatory properties assist with redness and uneven skin tone.


Parfum (A natural preservative)

-This is a natural, vegetable based preservative with a slight Vanilla and Almond aroma.

-It must be labelled 'Parfum' by law, but it should not be confused with synthetic, chemical based 'fragrance' or 'parfum' versions used in many chemical based skincare products.

-Our supplier has developed this for skincare products that would like to remain natural but still need to stabilise their formula.

-This form of preservative is used for its effective activity against bacteria, moulds and yeast so that your mask has a longer shelf life and stays fresh.