What should my mask feel like when it's on?

First thing's first, I'm not your typical clay mask that's going to dry on your face like you've just had a dose of botox and can't manage your usual facial expressions. You will experience some stiffness and a slight drying sensation, but the mask should feel sticky and hydrating thanks to the significant dose of honey in there. It's normal to think it's going to dry like concrete if you are used to clay masks, but don't worry, even though it doesn't freeze up on your face, it's still working wonders on your skin. 

Why am I experiencing breakouts after using the mask?

a) It’s possible that the bentonite clay in the mask is causing you to break out. But don’t freak out! The role of the clay is to act like a magnet in drawing toxins out of the skin, meaning dirt and impurities will be drawn out from the deeper layers of the skin which may be the cause of your breakouts. The blemishes are also likely to feel and look a little different to normal pimples. This should only occur in the first week or 2 of using the mask, but if it persists, consider other reasons your skin may be reacting. 

b) Breakouts can’t always be treated topically, it’s important to consider your diet, your water intake, and your overall health. Try increasing the amount of water you’re drinking, and stay away from sugary foods and beverages- your skin will love you for it. Consult your healthcare professional, there may be a number of other reasons why your skin is experiencing breakouts or persistent acne.

c) Surprisingly, coconut oil can be comodogenic for some people, meaning it can slightly block your pores, if you have tiny breakouts that look as if your pores have been blocked, you may be one of those people who's skin just doesn't agree with coconut oil. If this is you, head to the contact us page, we love the feedback as it helps with future formulations.

Lastly, we don’t all have flawless skin like all of the pretty edited photos we’re exposed to. You need to live a little! So don’t stress about a few spots, I’m here to be a fuss free tool to help you manage them, reduce them, and get you to your glowing self, without having to sacrifice your fun lifestyle and favourite vices ;) Just do what’s right for you and makes you feel good!

Why has the consistency of my mask changed?

There's pro's and cons to being all natural honey. My luxe, rich, natural ingredients are designed to get to work on giving your skin the glow it needs, they don’t care so much for looking pretty. If I'm separating and not sticking to your skin, well pass the wine, because we have a problem. Make sure you head to the contact us page, and let the team know because I don’t like being anything but flawless for you.

Why does my mask feel grainy after keeping it in the fridge?

I contain raw organic honey, which in cold temperatures, often crystallises. Don't worry honey, it doesn't mean anything has happened to the effectiveness of my ingredients, in fact, the texture change means I can also be used as a light scrub when washed off. If you're not after a deep exfoliation with your masking session, then that's cool, take me out of the fridge and let me sit at room temperature for a couple of hours. Just make sure i'm not sitting directly in sunlight or at a room temperature of over 20 degrees. 

Why has my mask gone off? 

Make sure you keep me in the fridge or in a cool dark place, the reason for this is I’m made of super natural ingredients, so the likelihood of bacteria and fungi forming in warm temperatures is very high. I contain a natural preservative derived from vegetable fats, along with Vitamin E and Grapefruit seed extract to keep bacteria at bay but their effectiveness diminishes in warmer temperatures. Store me in the fridge to preserve me for longer and try to use me within 3 months.

Always use clean hands or a foundation/face mask brush when applying. Scoop out a generous amount onto the back of your hand and apply to your face as normal, this way you're not double dipping. If you're using a brush, be sure to wash it thoroughly after each use, this will alleviate the chances of external bacteria getting into the formula. 

I’m constantly working to improve my shelf life, but I want to stay an all natural beauty because I know the raw version of me has been such a success in helping so many of our customers with sensitive and frustrating skin issues.

If your mask isn't lasting up to 3 months and you're doing all the right things, head to the contact us page, because I want to hear about it! I’ll always be transparent with you about any changes to my composition, and brutally honest about my benefits and flaws all at once. 

I just used the mask and my skin appears red and it’s stinging

Ok come on now, be honest, how long did you leave the mask on for? Some of us are a little more sensitive than others and may not be able to tolerate my presence on their skin for that long (weird i know, considering how desirable I am). So make sure you stick to the 5 to 10 minutes listed on the instructions, or give your skin a break completely if it persists. We can’t have you looking like a blotchy tomato- that’s not fun for anyone....Ok maybe kind of fun, BUT SRSLY, stop using the mask if symptoms persist, we might not be the best match. 

Can I leave the mask on for longer than 5 to 10 minutes?

If you've patch tested your face mask and tried me out for 10 minutes without experiencing any reactions, then absolutely! But my team suggest incrementally increasing the time you keep me on your face and décolletage so you can ensure your skin doesn't react. In other words, don't go falling asleep with me honey. 

Can I use the mask more than twice a week?

Everyone's skin is different, so I recommend using me twice a week for the first 3 weeks to test out your skin's reaction to my ultra natural ingredients. If your skin and I are getting along like a house on fire, then you should be fine to use me 3 times a week, just make sure you space out the days, so if you're masking with me on a Monday, wait until Wednesday for your next session, and so on.

Honey, as much as I'd like to be on your face daily, you need to make sure you're not stripping your skin's natural oils, because that can actually cause breakouts and dry skin. If you experience any irritation, redness, inflammation or other skin conditions, give your skin a break, and we can pick up where we left off in a week or so. If symptoms persist, we might need to break up, sad to say, but we might not be the best match.