The Original Glow Collection

  Skinsecurities. Honey, they're a thing. 
 I'm a face mask formulated with Australian Raw Organic Honey and complimented by all natural ingredients rich in vitamins and anti bacterial properties.
 I'm great at fighting acne, dull and tired looking complexions, enlarged pores and signs of ageing.
The best part? I contain absolutely no chemicals or artificial preservatives.
Srsly tho, I realise that sounds like everything you've ever bought and you're way too busy for this s*** but I promise I'm one of a kind. I'm a mindful mask for the busy chicks designed to offer you an escape from the stress of the daily grind.
I want you to drop everything for 10 minutes and mask in the moment with me, because let's face it honey, your skin isn't the only thing that needs calming. 
Here's to a long and beautiful friendship xx
The Original Glow Collection