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Is your skin care good for your health?

Is your skin care good for your health?

 Natural vs Chemical Skin Care.

The famous debate often comes down to what products can deliver visible aesthetic results at the fastest rate. But aesthetics shouldn’t always be the first thing on your mind, great skin comes primarily through good health, and exposure to chemicals isn’t just skin deep. Think about it this way, when you start eating healthy by switching to better quality foods, you know that realistically you’re unlikely to see significant changes for a few weeks or so as it takes time for your body to adjust.

Honey surrounded by natural ingredients

Natural skincare is similar, most products deliver fabulous aesthetic results quickly, but the health benefits are often ignored, because like healthy eating, it’s a lifestyle, and vibrant, glowing skin comes with patience and good habits.

But rest assured, many years from now after employing a consistent natural skincare regime, you’ll love the skin you’re in.

Teaming natural beauty products with a lifestyle focused on eating organic, fresh, whole foods is the perfect recipe for achieving incredible skin and a healthier mind and body for the long term.


Your skin is your body’s largest organ and acts as a protective shield. However, it can’t protect you from everything, if you’re allowing chemicals to come in contact with your skin, those chemicals are going to be absorbed into your body.

Take a moment to think about the sheer number of chemicals you’re exposed to in a day, everything from the makeup you use to cleaning products and hand soap. All of these products can be switched out for a more natural alternative.

I used to roll my eyes at this suggestion, because I had no visible evidence that any damage was being done, so it felt like it was something I could brush off.

The more research I did, the more I understood the effects of the sheer number of chemicals we absorb each day, and that although our bodies are brilliant at trying to eliminate chemicals, there are some toxins that remain stored. The thought of that occurring over many years I found to be a little frightening, so i began making little switches here and there. That doesn't mean I now live in a hut  like a hippy (totally fine if that's your thing) and refuse to come in contact with anything with so much as hint of chemicals, I still need to live my life, so i made the switches that were easy to make, such as the products I put on my skin, majority of the foods I eat, and any cleaning products I use around the house.

natural beauty product swatched across cheek

It's not only the effort of making a change that causes hesitancy, cost is also a factor in deterring people from buying natural and organic skincare products, but weigh this up; would you rather let the long term effects of chemical exposure make you sick and spend your money on medical bills? That might sound extreme, but it’s a helpful thought when you’re unsure about how much you really need to invest in your health.

I’m not saying you should drastically overhaul your life or live in a bubble, because that’s just not realistic, but do your best to reduce your chemical exposure with what you can control.

Here’s a few easy skincare swaps you can start making today:   

  • Use Raw Organic Honey, it costs about $7 a jar, and it’s the best face wash you will ever use. It's especially good for acne prone and oily skin. Pat your face so it's slightly damp and apply the honey in circular motions then wash off with warm water.
  • Use coffee grounds, organic sugar, or cinnamon mixed in honey or water for a deep scrub. Apply to slightly damp skin and apply in gentle, circular motions.
  • Switch your normal toner for apple cider vinegar diluted in water or pure rose water. Use a cotton pad to dab the solution onto your face and let it sink in for  a moment before applying moisturiser.
  • Try an all natural oil in place of your moisturiser, such as olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, or organic coconut oil. I use about a teaspoon or more and massage it into my skin before bed so that my skin can soak it up while i sleep.


Woman getting ready


It might seem like a hassle and not worth it to make these switches if your skincare is already working well for you on the surface, but it's that easy to convert your regime to natural products without breaking the bank and you can have peace of mind that what you're putting on your skin is good for your overall health. Just try something new! Try this regime for 3 to 4 weeks straight and take note of the changes to your skin. 

Share your journey with us! Contact, we love hearing your skincare hacks, thoughts and just having a friendly chat :)


Chloe, Founder 

**Note: Always patch test products before applying to your face. 

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