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5 steps to turn your home into a day spa

5 steps to turn your home into a day spa

Life is just a whole lot of beautiful chaos. In a world where it’s cool to be busy, we need to learn to give ourselves some time to chill and disconnect from the world.

I get pulled in so many different directions every day, and I honestly get stressed just thinking about my weekly schedule of running from managing Srsly Honey, juggling my full time day job, trying to fit in workouts, and still making sure I spend time with my partner, friends and family.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way, the chaos is what makes us thrive sometimes, but it’s so important to learn how to add some zen into our lives.

My whole purpose for creating Srsly Honey was not only to help you achieve amazing skin the natural way, but to also give each and every one of you a reason to just drop everything and pamper yourselves for 5 to 10 minutes. You srsly deserve it.

When you get home from work this week or if you have a space to yourself for a moment on any given day, try the below steps rediscover your balance.

1. De-clutter

Many studies have proven that those who live with less clutter and a tidy space, are much better at reducing their anxiety. Having a sacred place that gives you room to really breathe is essential. To get your day spa vibes going, put away the washing, put those trainers back where they should be, and pick up the floordrobe that’s been building for a couple of weeks now. You need clear and calm surroundings to release any anxiety and stress.

2. Clear the Air

Light some delicious scented candles (check out the range by Palm Beach or Glasshouse), or invest in an aromatherapy air purifier (I found mine on amazon for under $40.) These babies are magical, not only do they purify the air to help you breathe easy, but they also give you the option of adding essential oils. All you have to do is pop a few drops in the water and before you know it your home will be filled with a calming aroma. I like to opt for lavender as it’s pretty much the mother of what I like to call ‘sedate me’ fragrances.


3. Dim the Lights

Tell your brain it’s time to wind down by letting your eyes relax in a softly lit room. If you haven’t already, light a few candles or burn some incense to add to the atmosphere. Switch off your phone and any other electronics- you don’t need artificial lighting interrupting your Zen.

4. Pick Your Products

Choose a body oil or nourishing body lotion (I love Palmer’s cocoa butter moisturising body oil).

Select a face mask from your collection, Srsly Honey is a great choice, not that we’re bias or anything ;). If you don’t have a face mask handy, try using organic honey, it’s super hydrating and great for tackling blemishes.

Slowly massage the body oil or body lotion into your skin as if you’re giving yourself a gentle massage. Apply your mask evenly to your face and neck.

Cut some cucumber to put on your eyes, or try a hydrating under-eye mask (Priceline has some great cost effective options)

Brew a pot of peppermint or chamomile tea so it’s ready and waiting for you once you’ve completed your spa routine.


5. Get in the Zone

Pick a spa or mediation playlist to set the mood. Make sure you’re wearing something super comfortable, or nothing at all if you prefer.

Lie down on your bed, the couch or a yoga mat.

Try some breathing exercises to relax your body; breathe in for 3 then out for 3, and repeat this 10 times. As your body starts to relax, continue to lie there for a while, letting the face mask work its magic and the moisturiser sink in.

Lie in this relaxing, pampering state with nothing disturbing you for as long as is comfortable.

Once you’re done, wash off the mask and moisturise your face and neck. Keep the lights dim and the candles burning, curl up on the couch and drink your freshly brewed tea.

I hope you enjoyed finding your zen, but Srsly Honey, make it a weekly thing.

You need it.