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7 Questions For The Founder

7 Questions For The Founder

Meet Chloe McCormack

Chloe was born and raised in Melbourne and has spent a number of years working in the advertising industry. She's always had a passion for all things beauty and skincare and was constantly looking for the right products to tame her unpredictable skin. The creation of her honey based skincare brand, Srsly Honey, was an accidental solution that worked so well, she had to share it with the world, in hope of helping other women achieve their best skin yet- the natural way. 

1. What was your inspiration for creating Srsly Honey? 

I've always struggled with breakouts and having super average skin. In my teen years I was so self conscious about my appearance because I couldn't get the acne and redness under control, all I wanted to do was hide under makeup, and i tried everything to make it better to no avail, it was a major source of frustration.
Although it got better over time, the breakouts still continued into my 20s with some occasions being worse than others. Most of the products i had used to tame my skin were chemical based, I basically just wanted to blast it better, so I used harsh products, including Proactiv and doctor prescribed topical treatments, but all of these products seemed to only work as short term solutions, despite my diet and water intake being pretty good. 
If you've read the SH story, you'll know that it was almost by pure accident that i stumbled across honey as my saving grace.
I was amazed at how powerful a natural ingredient was at treating my skin, so this became my inspiration for creating an all natural face mask for women on the go, who like me, don't have time for lengthy skincare routines, but are still in need of a minimal fuss product that will make their skin look incredible.
The ingredients are hydrating, clarifying and designed to synergise with the skin's natural PH level.
The market is saturated with over-drying, chemical based masks, and the natural ones aren't as natural as they seem. The formula I created is my answer to this, a truly natural face mask that actually works, and is designed to be suitable for all skin types.

2. What's your view on Natural vs. Chemically enhanced skincare?

I'm a strong believer that you need to find what's right for you. I created an all natural formula that worked so well for me and as a result I've switched to products that are more natural because my skin responds so much better. My view is that natural is a great option for long term maintenance of your skin. And something to keep in mind is that everything we put on our skin, is absorbed into our blood stream to a degree. I'm not here to tell you one or the other, but it's important to understand the power of nature, people tend to doubt its effectiveness, but once you get into it, I'm certain you'll see a fabulous change in your skin.

3. What makes Srsly Honey different from other masks?

Firstly, Raw Organic Honey. Our masks are made of literally half R.O.H that's sourced from local Australian farms. It's an absolute weapon for treating a range of skin issues. Lately, there's been a huge trend in pink clay based products and they really don't suit my skin, for a lot of people, they can cause over drying and strip the skin of its natural oils.
The SH formula is suitable for all skin types, and although the mask contains bentonite clay, it's only a small amount to ensure the skin can still be properly nourished by the other powerful natural ingredients. 
All of our ingredients are organically sourced and of the highest quality, we never compromise on this as it's what makes the mask so effective.
Secondly, we're made to order and every mask is meticulously hand blended to ensure the perfect binding of our magic formula. 

4. What's with all that sass?

When I was thinking about the message I wanted to send and the kind of personality I wanted the brand to take on, I asked myself what I wanted the Srsly Honey masking experience to mean to people.
I figured if my customers are anything like my friends and I, we tend to get caught up in giving all our time to others, working long hours, trying to keep up with our health and sacrificing the moments we need to recharge, and with ALL of that, comes taking the time to look after your skin.
So I decided to create a straight talking mask that encourages busy, hard working women and multi tasking mums to drop everything for just 10minutes and treat themselves to something that's going to not only help them achieve fantastic skin, but also become a reason to relax and recharge, even if it's only in short spurts.
The sassy nature of Srsly Honey is my way of capturing our audience's attention to give them some much needed advice on the importance of finding small moments to recharge. Many of our customers are career women, girl bosses and busy mums, they're goal driven and focused, so SH is the straight talking companion they need to remember to take 10 to chill every week. After all, a calmer mind makes you more productive, leads to better health, and actually keeps you more in tune with your next task. 
We're a simplistic, minimalistic brand, we keep it honest and straight forward, our tone reinforces that, because often the beauty industry influences us to think we need to buy an excessive amount of products and follow elaborate routines to achieve incredible results, which just isn't true.
It's not about changing your whole life so you can achieve the 'perfect skin' it's a multi purpose product that's built to fit in with you and your lifestyle exactly as it is.

5. What do customers love most about the mask?

The smell! It is literally dessert on your face, think chai latte, honey biscuits, cinnamon scroll, we've heard a range of delicious descriptions from our glow gang.
We've also had great feedback around its ability to significantly reduce redness, tackle and prevent acne breakouts, and the visible difference and feel of the skin after just one use.
We encourage customers to use it for the first time at night and repeat this twice a week for 2 weeks before they assess the affects. Although most of our customers notice a difference after just one or 2 uses.
We've even had some feedback from some of our customers who suffer from eczema and psoriasis saying that it significantly reduced inflammation and red patches. Overall, our customers have been finding that it really does give you a unique glow because honey is so naturally brightening and calming for the skin. 

6. Any plans for more products?

Definitely! But first, we're keeping our focus on spreading the message around our signature mask. Good things are worth waiting for, and when it comes to skincare, we're all about keeping it high quality and bespoke. So we'll keep educating on our core product and hearing our new and existing customer feedback before we delve into new territories. With that being said.. stay tuned for surprises ;) 

7. Other than honey, what's your favourite pantry items to use on your skin?

I'm huge on face oils, I think they compliment skincare routines so well. With that being said,  I would have to say my go to's are probably, apricot kernel oil and organic cold pressed olive oil, I highly recommend trying an all natural oil to replace or mix with your moisturiser.
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