I started using this miracle mask early last year and have not looked back. I have quite sensitive skin, therefore my skin care products have all been carefully curated to work together and the OG is one product that I always ensure is stocked. Absolutely love it and have recommended it to my friends and followers!
Linda.N in Singapore
Love everything about this face mask - how natural the ingredients are, the smell, the texture and how easy it was to wash it off. I have bad acne since earlier this year due to stress and life in general and it is now it's gone :) I do recommend this product!!
Alisa L in Sydney
This is by far the best face mask that I have ever used. It makes my skin look and feel amazing and it smells divine!!! Absolutely love it!!
Sarah in Sydney
SUCH a fabulous mask. I didn't realise such a simple, but robust formula could have such a dramatic difference. The honey is cooling, soothing, hydrating and healing, the coconut oil conditions, and the cinnamon increases circulation. EVERYTHING you need a good face mask to do!
Iain J in Melbourne
I have been suffering from chemical burns and they do hurt more on days when I wear makeup. So this soothing mask has really helped me. I love the natural scent of it too.
Tash in Melbourne
I’ve been using Srsly Honey for a few months now and I’m hooked. This is a mask that is literally for everyone and is a true all rounder. I LOVE that it’s all natural with no nasties and it gives a beautiful glow to the skin. It smells so amazing every time I open it I want to taste it and the scent is part of the relaxing experience wearing the mask. You absolutely need this mask in your life!
Jess.K in Perth


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